Knit In New Directions - 9781933064284
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Knit In New Directions

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Book Overview: 

Myra Woods introduces the pure fun of knitting with strips and modules, creative short rows, crazy quilt pieces, and free form shapes. This template-based approach frees you to become involved in the creative process. Because this is not a math-dependent approach, your focus can be on yarn, color, and stitch. From a simple bag to a full-blown sweater—as you fill in your template, fit just happens. 

• Make your own life-size template using gridded Pellon and a permanent marker. then check the fit. 
• The template approach makes it easy to combine sizes, say a small back and medium front for a fuller bust. Or add flare to the side panels for wider hips. 
• Now all you need to do is cover the template with knitting.Whether you follow one of Wood's patterns (good basic recipes that encourage experimentation or take off on your own, the piece will work. 
• You can choose a stitch for the whole piece or break it into sections. Mix and match techniques, stitches, and colors. Pick up stitches and truly knit in any direction. 

Wood shares essential tips and tools: 
• A table of pick-up rates and ratios that make it easy to combine fabrics that may not have the same gauge. 
• Step-by-step finishing instructions for all your little bags—tote, pouch, envelope, or paper bag style—complete with various ways to stabilize the knitting.
• Multi-gauge sleeve instructions so short and long sleeves can be added to any template with no math.