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Our Next Facebook Live Is May 22nd, Holiday Weekend Knitting


Join Us For A Facebook Live

When: May 22nd 
Time: 7 PM EST
Where: Facebook Live

Don't forget we will get started right away so you don’t want to be late! Any remaining kits will be posted within 48 hours to our website here:

              Holiday Weekend Knitting

When you are young, the days take forever and as you get older, the days pass by faster and faster. I find that holiday weekends like Memorial Day are a great way to slow down and enjoy those you are with and what you are working on. Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember those who served our country (my dad was in WWII). 

In Michigan, it is also time to get our flowers in their pots (and pray we don’t get a frost!) and have barbeques with friends. For me, I like to finish up some WIP’s (“work in progress” projects) and maybe work on some new brainless ones. Once the warmer weather hits, I personally enjoy reading while knitting and the more suspenseful the mystery is the faster I knit. Kill two birds with one book and needle!

What are you working on this weekend? 

I’m leaving “sleeve island” on a sweater (love using my Ewe Cords for holding the sleeve stitches!)

 (“On the Road Pullover” in Sheperd’s Wool sport weight that is supposed to be packed in my suitcase for my trip to Ireland in June. Nothing like cutting it close since the plane leaves in a couple of weeks!
I made another one of these sweaters in a different yarn and it looks so much better with sleeves!

I’m also knitting The Bright Side in the new Stitch Together Color Burst Smooth Sock, so we have a sample for the Facebook Live on June 5th. 

I Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! We will be closed on Monday, May 30 but you can always shop our online yarn store here. We will reopen on Tuesday, May 31st at 10am. Remember we are open Tuesday’s until 7:30pm for your convenience to shop or just come in and knit with us!