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Tons of Yarn & Pattern Options In Our Facebook Project Kits Live 9/20 @ 7 PM. Books, Books, & More Knitting Books!


Facebook Live September 20th 

This Sunday, September 20th we are having a Facebook live at 7 pm EST! Yay!  
Susan has some fabulous kits planned for you so save the date and set an alarm. 

Any remaining kits will be posted within 48 hours to our website here:

Books, Books, And More Knitting Books

Did you know that A Piece of Ewe has several books to help you with your knitting expertise? Check out our entire book collection here

Artful Colors Mindful Knits helps you work with hand-dyed yarns to get the look you want to achieve. This book will teach you how to analyze colors and intentionally pattern your finished garment from scarf to sweater and everything in between.

Cast On, Bind Off shows you 50 ways to start and end your knitting project. It is a great reference guide and a book you will refer to over and over again.

How To Knit is a how-to book that covers the basic techniques used in knitting. Filled with easy-to-follow diagrams, this booklet is clearly written and illustrated for the beginning needle artist.

Are you really into knitting hats? Knit Beanies is a great book filled with step-by-step instructions to knit 20 beautiful hats.

Knit In New Directions shows you how to free your inner knitter and introduces the pure fun of knitting in strips and modules, creative short rows, crazy quilt pieces, and free form shapes.

Do you have a lot of stripey sock yarn and you are tired of just making socks? Not Just More Socks uses basic stitches and features patterns that take advantage of the complex techniques and construction methods to exploit the color changes in self-striping yarns.

If you’re into cables, Power Cables is the book for you! From simple to sculptural, the original cable patterns explored in this must-have resource create a foundation of techniques for designing signature knitwear. Basic twisted stitches, complex interpretations of cables, reversible cables, adding texture and color, turning stitches around, constructing cables with I-cord, and wrapping stitches to create the illusion of cables are some of the integrated techniques detailed in this guide. Contained within are more than 15 original cable patterns for pullovers, jackets, bags, socks, and accessories. Also included is information on a new charting system for predicting cable behavior as well as tips on cabling without a cable needle, choosing the best yarns for specific cable effects, and designing original cable patterns.

Get ready to spice up your knitting! Every knitter needs a good stitch dictionary, and this volume is perfect for new and experienced knitters alike. Knit Stitch Dictionary offers 250 knit stitches, from simple knit-purl combos to fancy textured, color, and lace stitch patterns. Knowing that not every knitter works in the same way, this indispensable guide has both written and charted instructions that clearly explain how to knit each stitch. Knit Stitch Dictionary is divided into sections including basic knit and purl stitches; eyelets and lace; cables; traveling and twisted stitches; bobbles, puffs, and clusters; slip stitches; chevrons, ripples and waves; tucks and ruffles; and colorwork patterns.

Sally Melville Book 3: Color is the closest thing to a knitting coach, this primer on knitting describes simple approaches to choosing, using, and wearing color. Knitters move from being intimidated by the choices of being excited by the possibilities as the skill-building chapters put color into practice. Clear, step-by-step photographs lead knitters through a progression of new methods punctuated by fabulous and fun projects to knit. The 36 designs range from simple to classic to unexpected and are presented multiple times showcasing different techniques, mixing and matching to yield more than 80 total projects. With advice, tips, and techniques, this tutorial inspires learners to take their craft to the next level.

Sally Melville Knitting Pattern Essentials will bring your vision to life with pattern drafting essentials.  What’s the number one mistake that knitters make? They follow a pattern exactly! In this comprehensive guide to sweater construction, acclaimed knitting instructor Sally Melville reveals the secrets to creating or modifying a pattern so the finished project looks and fits exactly how you want it to. 

Sally Melville Styles began with a problem that all knitter's share: What to do with a growing collection of yet-to-be-knit yarns? Too little to do anything with, too much to toss. How to put a bit of this and a little of that with more of something else and make it all beautiful? Many knitters just give up: the stash (and the guilt) grows while storage space shrinks. Sally Melville found creative solutions and her ideas will help you organize, use, and replenish your collection. Learn why the key to finding what you need, when you need it, is color. And why sometimes to use the yarn you have, you need to buy more! For Styles, Sally developed stitch patterns that are enhanced by a combination of colors, textures, even weights, of yarn.